Fly casting techniques

Wye cast fly fishing

If you want to change the direction of your next cast from where you have been casting, as you often do in all fishing, you
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Steeple cast fly fishing

In case there are trees or high bushes behind you, there are two casts that you can use. The first is a tremendously exaggerated high
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Spey cast fly fishing

Suppose you are standing at the edge of a deep stream with the current running from right to left. There are high trees close behind
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Side cast fly fishing

The side cast fly fishing technique is one you have to know if you don't like catching trees. Perhaps the most common problem in stream
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Roll cast fly fishing

You will find a lot of places where you have to cast with bushes, trees or canyon walls so close behind you and so high
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L turn side cast fly fishing

There is a very useful modification of the Wye fly casting technique that will pull you out of some seemingly impossible casting situations. Suppose you
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