Good Fishing Places


This site wants to reveal the finest fishing spots, accommodations, guides and other information.

If used intelligently, this info will provide a lifetime of exceptional fishing vacations.

Read it carefully; decide what type of fishing you want, how much time and money you have to spend, and when you can go.

Then select an area in which you can best concentrate your efforts.

Make your arrangements well in advance.

Where to obtain information on fishing laws

Complete fishing license information and data relative to fishing in the various states and provinces can be obtained through the following sources:

  • Arkansas: Game and Fish Commission, Little Rock.
  • British Columbia: Game and Fish Commission, Vancouver, B. C, Canada.
  • California: Division of Fish and Game, San Francisco.
  • Colorado: Game and Fish Commission, Denver 11.
  • Florida: Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission, Tallahassee.
  • Idaho: Department of Fish and Game, Boise.
  • Michigan: Department of Conservation, Lansing.
  • Minnesota: Division of Game and Fish, Department of Conservation, St. Paul.
  • Missouri: State Conservation Commission, Jefferson City.
  • Montana: State Fish and Game Warden, Helena 3.
  • Nevada: State Fish and Game Commission, Reno.
  • New Mexico: Department of Game and Fish, Santa Fe.
  • Ontario: Department of Game and Fisheries, Toronto 2, Ontario, Canada.
  • Oregon: State Game and Fish Commission, Portland.
  • Washington: Department of Game and Fish, Smith Tower, Seattle.
  • Wisconsin: Game and Fish Department, Madison.
  • Wyoming: State Game and Fish Commission, Cheyenne.
  • How To Obtain Highway Maps and Tourist Information

For maps, use Google Maps.

For literature pertaining to lakes and streams and tourist accommodations, address your inquiry to the State Tourist Bureau or use the search engines.

If you desire special information regarding a certain town in any state, always address your inquiry to the Chamber of Commerce of that city. If a town is small and has no regular chamber of commerce, rest assured that your letter will reach the right people and your inquiries will be attended to.

Or do it the easy way: Copy one of the lines above and paste it in Google.