L turn side cast fly fishing


There is a very useful modification of the Wye fly casting technique that will pull you out of some seemingly impossible casting situations. Suppose you are wading up-stream along the left-hand bank of a river with water so deep it can be waded only close to the heavily wooded shore.

No overhead back cast is possible in a cross-stream direction. You have been fishing a dry fly upstream, using right-hand side casts to avoid the trees on your left. Just then you see a good trout rise over near the right-hand bank of the river about fifty feet straight across the stream. What can you do to get your dry fly across to that feeding trout? Looks impossible, doesn’t it?

Well, here’s a way you can do it, as I proved one day in the Rogue River in Oregon with a four pound Rainbow that was rising steadily across-stream from me under just these conditions. Here’s how. Standing facing across-stream, you dry your fly by horizontal side casts to the left and right parallel with the bank.

Reach out as far as you can on your side false casts to get your line as far out from the bushes back of you as you can. Follow through your side cast to the right by extending your arm and rod as far to the right as possible, finishing with the rod tip as low as you can bring it without letting the line strike the water.

As the back cast to the right becomes fully extended, make a forward cast by bringing the rod, in an accelerating movement, left, around and out straight in front of you in a powerful spearing thrust, across and slightly up-tream, finishing the forward stroke with a decisive thumb-pressure that will throw the power of your rod tip strongly into the cast.

The line will curl through, following the general path of your rod, and extend itself across the stream so that the fly will light a few feet above the feeding trout and drift over him. If the fish doesn’t take your fly on the first drift, you can then dry the fly and line again and repeat the cast as often as is necessary. What do you think? Nice fly casting technique?