What is fly fishing


Fly fishing is special way of fishing. In the old days it was used for trout and salmon. But today more species are added, like bass, carp, salmon, steelhead and many more. Most fish can be caught using fly fishing.

Instead of dead or live bait, artificial lures are used. These lures are mostly handmade flies. For creating lures, feathers from different animals are used. The goal is to let the fish think it is his lucky day because he sees he tasty fly.

With normal fishing a regular rod is used. But with for fly fishing a special light rod is used to throw artificial lures.

Because fly fishing lure is very light, a heavier line is used. Otherwise there would not be enough weight for throwing. The artificial lure needs a certain weight to reach the desired result.

Fly fishing can be done in fresh and salt water. Several species of fish are interested in making the fisherman happy. For instance trout, salmon, steelhead, bass, panfish, carp, snook and many more will try to please you. In fact, any fish can be caught with fly fishing if flies are on the menu of the fish.

For fly fishing you need artificial flies, a fly rod and a fly line. The fly line will have enough weight to send the fly to where you want it to be. There are many kinds of artificial flies. Like imitating a flying or swimming insect, or a bait fish or crustacean. But there are also many artificial lures that don’t like something natural. Fake flies can be created to float or sink. Or for floating on several depths.

Most today lines are made of silk. Older horse hair fly lines gave problems, because they had to be coated to prevent them from sinking. And if a fly line absorbs the water, they will be wet on the reel and they will stay wet, unless you take them of to dry. So today fly fishing is a bit easier.

There are several kinds of wood like greenheart and bamboo, to create a good fly fishing rod.

The early fly reels had a simple mechanic. To tire the fish, one had to use hand pressure. This is called palming. Today, fly rods have an improved mechanism.

Because the weight of the artificial lure is so light, the technique of casting is different compared to regular casting-angle. With fly fishing it is more casting a line instead of throwing weight at a line.

A loop is the pattern the fly line follows. Getting the highest speeds depends on several factors. More details on other pages. Same for dropping the fly onto the water.